Our luxurious textiles withstand rambunctious baggage handlers,
airport carousel rides, a good thrashing in overhead compartments,
and the perils of daily living – spectacular, as ever, at the end of the day.

General Care — what you need to know

— Cleans effortlessly with mild soap and water. 
— Most stains lifted with everyday alcohol-based solutions (e.g., Fantastik® and Formula 409®).
— We recommend you store your Kenderbag in its Dust Cover when not in use.

Stain Removal RecommendationsStain Mild Detergent
Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard
Butter, Salad Oil
Red Wine, Liquor
Coffee, Tea, Soda
Make-up, Face Cream, Lipstick
Machine Oil
Urine, Blood
Steak Sauce, Soy Sauce
Ballpoint Pen Removal Instructions:

1. Wipe the stain off with rubbing alcohol.
 (If this is unsuccessful, proceed to step 2)
2. Prepare a solution of 50% chlorinated bleach, 50% water.
3. Place a thin tissue over the ink stain.
4. Apply the chlorinated bleach solution. Be sure to not over-saturate the tissue.
5. Cover tissue with polyethylene film (plastic wrap) to prevent the chlorinated bleach solution from drying.
6. Check on stain repeatedly.
7. Do not leave the chlorinated bleach solution on for more than 1 hour.
8. When the stain looks almost gone, remove the tissue and rinse the stain with water.
9. To neutralize the bleached area, place a tissue on the bleached area and apply 15% hydrogen peroxide solution.
10. Leave on for 30 minutes, and remove the tissue.
11. Remove the peroxide residue with water.

*While the foregoing instructions have proven to work in many cases, especially in which ink stains are addressed immediately, not all ink stains can be removed in every situation. 

For Kenderbag care and maintenance questions, please reach us at 1-800-609-0765 or by email.


The perfect complement of aesthetics, durability, and easy care. This high-performance suede’s sensuous nap and soft luster can be maintained, year after year, by following a few simple steps.

General Care - what you need to know

Regular Upkeep

To preserve the beauty of your interior, we recommend that you clean the material regularly and avoid too vigorous scrubbing and steam machines. Dust your fabric using a soft brush, dry cloth, or hand-held vacuum cleaner as needed. This will rejuvenate your interior.

Water-Based Stains
• Gently spot-clean with a paper towel until the stain is absorbed
• For dried stains – lightly brush, vacuum, or wipe with wrung-out white cloth dipped in warm water

Oil-Based and Stubborn Stains
1. Wipe stain with dry paper towel or cloth – without spreading
2. Pat area with white cloth soaked in ethyl alcohol from the edge of stain inward
3. Pat loosened oil/dirt off with dry cloth 
4. Repeat as necessary 
5. Treat subsequently with water if stain is especially stubborn

For further guidance for treating specific stains please follow these instructions:

Water-soluble stains

Fruit juice, jam, gelatin, syrup, ketchup: lukewarm water; rinse by blotting with clean water.
Blood, egg, feces, urine: cold water (avoid warm water, which could coagulate these substances); rinse by blotting with clean water. Liquor, wine, beer, Coca-Cola, tea: lukewarm water; treat any traces of color with lemon juice, then rinse well.
Pencil, cocoa, chocolate, custard and chocolate sweets, ice cream, mustard: lukewarm water; rinse by blotting with clean water.
Vinegar, hair gel, tomato sauce, coffee sweetened with sugar: lemon juice, then lukewarm water; rinse by blotting with clean water.

NON-water-soluble stains

Lipstick, foundation, mascara, eye shadow, perfume, shoe polish, oil and grease, grass stains, markers (including permanent markers): blot with ethyl alcohol, then water, and rinse.
Grass and marker stains, especially on light-colored material, must be treated as soon as possible to keep them from drying.

Chewing gum and wax

Put ice in a plastic bag and set it on the stain; when the substance hardens, chip it away, then treat with ethyl alcohol.

Stubborn stains

Try repeating the treatments described several times; even stains which are not water-soluble often require subsequent treatment with water.

Old stains of unknown origin

First treat with lukewarm water, then rinse by blotting with clean water.
If you see the stain begin to dissolve, repeat the treatment; let dry, and if necessary, treat with ethyl alcohol.

• Cosmetic Travel Panels

Vinyl: Use a damp washcloth, wipe clean, add gentle soap if needed
Trim: Follow previous instructions for Kenderbag interiors

• Kenderbottles™

Wash bottles with hot soapy water. Dishwasher safe.

For Kenderbag care and maintenance questions, please reach us at 1-800-609-0765 or by Email