The inspiration

Women! All ages, all stages, fabulous, sexy, joyful, confident…You.

The premise

Sumptuous “gadget” bags engineered to meet the challenges women face every day and on the road with superb amenities, divine aesthetics and über resilience. Timeless pieces constructed to look fabulous year after year.

The intelligent design

To create the Ultimate Carryall, we consulted with designers, craftsmen, engineers and, most importantly, brilliant women like you. The intent: “Simply the best.”

For centuries, animal skins have been synonymous with luxury handbags but Kenderbag boldly seeks change to the order of things.  Our bags not only make a statement in their unique design and unprecedented features, but in our commitment to preserving our beautiful planet and the creatures that walk among us.

To that end, who crafts and how we craft our bags matter, but the materials that we choose for our designs will ultimately give them their character and personality.  Much consideration and research went into answering the question “what defines luxury in this green and hi-tech era?”

We realize that many collectors love leather and so do we.  But studies and research confirm that the tanning of animal skins is incredibly harmful to the environment, the people working with it and we are pretty sure to the animals themselves!  Enter our world of uncompromising Ethical Luxury.

Over 2-years of our design process was spent researching alternatives to the beautiful hides of our furry friends. We were excited when we uncovered the world of “Innovative Surfaces”-   an arena where advanced spinning, textile, and other production processes are carried out in an absolute specific order for extraordinary results. Formulated with advanced strengthening technologies, they are superior to their natural counterpart and they are spectacular to the touch.

We believe fashion is about carving out your own story, your own style, and bringing to the market something fresh.  While we set forth to spare the world that we live in we were delighted to have found something truly better in the process.  These “like butter” upholstery grade textiles have historically been reserved for luxury automobiles, yachts and private jets, yet never used for accessories.  Until now…until Kenderbag.


Fulfill your organization obsession! Our Kaya Weekender and our Teagan City Bag's are fully equipped with sassy, see-through cosmetic travel panels. Our travel panels are magnetized to quickly detach and reattach as needed. So ladies, rest easy, you’ll have plenty of room for your mascara and liner, creams and potions, shadows and brushes, and bangles and beads.

  • Luxurious trim detailing matches vibrant interiors.
  • Magnetic snaps allow you to quickly attach and detach on the go
  • No spillage! Elasticized bands are designed to hold your liquids and creams upright and secure.
  • Extra wide and deep pockets fit all of the other “necessities” of life.
  • Top loop suspends travel panel for hanging convenience.
  • Clear design allows you to see and retrieve your products quickly and make wipe-ups a breeze.
  • Detachability makes them oh so perfect for placement on bathroom counters, door hooks, or in checked luggage.
  • Please note: Our Kaya comes with two panels and our Teagan comes with one.