Kender Care Instructions

Your bag should give you years of smiles. Here’s how...

Your Kender Exteriors

Some leather simply wears better than others and some people are more gentle than others. (we know!) Yet, all of our bags should look beautiful for years to come as long as you care for them. The beauty of leather is that your handbag will become softer and more supple as time goes on. It is important to know which leather your bag is made of so that you can care for it properly:

Pebbled or Smooth Leather

Generally, these leathers have a finish to them and wear very well. Liquids are usually easily wiped off but should be done quickly.

Wipe down with a damp cloth of water only. Avoid any suede or nubuck areas of your handbag. This is a basic step that will keep the dust and dirt off of your bag on a regular basis and provide it with needed moisture.

Every 3-6 -months
Clean and condition your leather with a quality clear leather cleaner and a separate conditioner. Apply take a damp cloth and put a little cleaner on the cloth and wipe it into the leather gently. Once dry, buff the conditioner into the leather and wipe away any excess. Here are a couple of our favorite brands for leather care: and

Every 6-12 months
These leathers are quite waterproof already but it will not hurt them to treat them 1-2 times per year. We recommend using a cream over a spray as you can control the application more and make sure all of the leather gets covered evenly. Follow the instructions on your product. We especially like Sof Sole Mink Oil

Suede or Nubuck

Suede and Nubuck leathers are a bit more sensitive and can attract dirt easier. It’s also harder to get off once it is there. They don’t like water much either! But, they are such lovely materials that we use them often. A little extra attention keeps your suede or nubuck in tip top condition.

We recommend you get a suede kit that includes a cleaner, protector, eraser and brush. The KIWI Suede and Nubuck Kit is a favorite for the first three. Then find yourself a suede brush like the Shacke Suede Nubuck Leather Cleaner. 

Protect! – We recommend spraying your suede or suede areas of your bag before using it and then monthly thereafter. We do treat our bags at our workshop but we still recommend this for its best wearability. Use a quality suede protector and waterproof product as mentioned above. Spray evenly across the areas you wish to treat. Follow the directions on your product. Repeat monthly. This takes a minute.

As needed
Clean your suede or nubuck quickly should you get dirt or a stain on it. First, spray your suede with the cleaner and then using your eraser, gently brush the area. Follow the directions on the product. If it is an oily food stain, you can also sprinkle cornstarch onto the area and leave to absorb for up to 24 hours. Wipe away.

When you wish to revive the nap on your suede or nubuck, use your suede brush and gently brush in the direction you feel it looks best.   

Hair-on Hide

This specialty leather should largely be left alone. We use quality hides and they should wear well and handle water fine, as long as you don’t drench them in it.

Should you need to clean off a spill, you can use your leather cleaner by following the directions on the product. Be very gentle so as not to pull the hair from your handbag. 

Your Kender Interiors

The interior of your bag is suede. You can turn your bag inside out and gently vacuum or brush the interior completely to maintain it. Should you get something on the leather, you should follow our suede instructions above.

Extra Tips:

1. Always store your handbag in its dust cover when you are not using it.

2. Be careful where you place your bag, avoiding dirty floors or car seats and any damp spaces.

3. Be careful with mineral or tinted sunscreen. It is hard to get completely off leather.

4. Be very careful when carrying a pen in your handbag. It will not come off.

5. Always have a quality leather cleaner in your home should you need it.

6. If your handbag starts to feel dry, care for it by hydrating it with conditioner as mentioned above. Depending on your climate, this may be needed more frequently. 

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