Our Materials

The most important elements of crafting a beautiful handbag are the materials selected. That, and how they are put together.

We select our materials with the same passion & care that we craft our handbags. Lots of it!

Leather should be just as beautiful to the eyes as it is to the hand. At Kender, we do not have one type of leather that we use. Rather, we imagine a finished product and we seek out the exact leathers, wherever they may be, that are most fitting to bring our vision to reality.

Questions we ask ourselves: How do we want it to look? How do we want it to feel? Will it be nubuck, suede, pull-up, pebbled, smooth, veg tan, natural, shiny or matte in finish? All of this matters when selecting our materials and we only use premium cow-hide leather.

In our decision to keep our interiors unlined, besides careful craftsmanship, we knew this would mean that our leather would have to be of substantial weight and it had to be pretty on both sides. You may notice that your bag will start off a bit firmer than it will be a few weeks into carrying it. The leather will become what we refer to as “cozy” after a bit of use.

Beyond that, we love additional elements like bold signature hardware, heavy top stitching, and zippers that have a real presence. We believe the final details are what take a pretty bag and turn it into a beautiful one. We hope you’ll agree! 

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